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BackgroundA successful pregnancy is an exceptional event on dialysis. Few data are available comparing pregnancy rates on dialysis, transplantation and the overall population. The aim of the study was to assess the incidence of live births from mothers on chronic dialysis compared with the overall population and with kidney transplant patients.MethodsThe setting of the study is in Italy between 2000–12.Data on dialysis was aquired by phone inquiries that were carried out between June and September, 2013, involving all the public dialysis centres in Italy; the result was a 100% response rate. The date included was end-stage renal disease, type of dialysis, residual glomerular filtration rate, changes in dialysis and therapy, hospitalization; week of birth, birth weight, centile; and outcome of mother and child.Information on transplantation was acquired by inquiry …
Oxford University Press
Publication date: 
1 Aug 2014

Giorgina Barbara Piccoli, Gianfranca Cabiddu, Giuseppe Daidone, Gabriella Guzzo, Stefania Maxia, Ida Ciniglio, Valentina Postorino, Valentina Loi, Sara Ghiotto, Michele Nichelatti, Rossella Attini, Alessandra Coscia, Maurizio Postorino, Antonello Pani, Italian Study Group “Kidney and Pregnancy”, Santina Castellino, Giuseppe Gernone, Santo Calabria, Marco Galliani, Massimo di Tullio, Salvatore Fersini, Maria Grazia Chiappini, Emanuela Proietti, Stefano Saffiotti, Chiara Brunati, Alberto Montoli, Ciro Esposito, Giovanni Montagna, Tata Salvatore, Ottavio Amatruda, Erika Casiraghi, Federico Pieruzzi, Attilio Di Benedetto, Giuseppina Alfisi, Buskermolen Monique, Alessandro Leveque, Francesco Giofrè, Giovanni Alati, Luigi Lombardi

Biblio References: 
Volume: 29 Issue: 8 Pages: 1578-1586
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation