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In this study, the effect of drying on properties of pear samples (Pyrus Communis ‘Conference’) was analysed. In particular, the water transport mechanism was investigated in pear during drying process at 50 C. The drying kinetics were obtained by standard weight measurements and the water loss in chosen sample sections (exterior, intermediate and central sections) was evaluated. The drying moisture profiles of samples were also investigated by portable NMR, a non-invasive and nondestructive technique. The water loss obtained by standard weight measurement and the extent of shrinkage obtained by means of a vernier calliper were found to be in a good agreement with the results obtained by portable NMR
Publication date: 
20 Sep 2015

G Adiletta, P Russo, N Proietti, D Capitani, L Mannina, A Crescitelli, M Di Matteo

Biblio References: 
Volume: 44 Pages: 151-156
Chemical Engineering Transactions