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We report on the first Au-catalyzed growth of CdTe nanowires by metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy. The nanowires were obtained by a separate precursors flow process in which (i) di-isopropyl-telluride (iPr2Te) was first flowed through the reactor to ensure the formation of liquid Au–Te alloy droplets, and (ii) after purging with pure H2 to remove unreacted iPr2Te molecules from the vapor and the growth surface, (iii) dimethylcadmium (Me2Cd) was supplied to the vapor so that Cd atoms could enter the catalyst droplets, leading to nanowire self-assembly. CdTe nanowires were grown between 485 and 515 °C on (111)B-GaAs substrates, the latter preliminary deposited with a 2 μm thick (111)-oriented CdTe buffer layer onto which Au nanoparticles were provided. As-grown CdTe nanowires were vertical ([111]-aligned) straight segments of constant diameter and showed an Au-rich nanodroplet at their tips, the contact …
American Chemical Society
Publication date: 
12 Jul 2017

Virginia Di Carlo, Paola Prete, Vladimir G Dubrovskii, Yury Berdnikov, Nico Lovergine

Biblio References: 
Volume: 17 Issue: 7 Pages: 4075-4082
Nano letters