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In Italy, every summer forest fires attract public attention due to the number of victims, the intensity of the fires, the areas devastated, the environmental damage and the loss of property. Excluding some fires by natural causes, other causes are related to the social, economic, and productive profile of the territory. The erroneous expectation is that wooded areas destroyed by fire can then be used for private interests. Often, a fire, started to clear a small area, can completely change the expected result, producing disaster, loss of property, destruction of entire forests and resident fauna, and kill innocent people. In this case report, the reconstruction of an arson scene, the analytical techniques and the results obtained are illustrated in this paper, with the aim of sharing with other research laboratories the current knowledge on forest fire.
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2005

R Rella, A Sturaro, G Parvoli, D Ferrara, U Casellato, G Vadalà

Biblio References: 
Volume: 45 Issue: 1 Pages: 29-34
Science & justice: journal of the Forensic Science Society