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The convergence quality of the cross-entropy (CE) optimizer relies critically on the mechanism meant for randomly generating data samples, in agreement with the inference drawn in the earlier works—the fast simulated annealing (FSA) and fast evolutionary programming (FEP). Since tracing a near-global-optimum embedded on a nonconvex search space can be viewed as a rare event problem, a CE algorithm constructed using a long-tailed distribution is intuitively attractive for effectively exploring the optimization landscape. Based on this supposition, a set of CE algorithms employing the Cauchy, logistic and Laplace distributions are experimentally validated in a wide range of optimization functions, which are shifted, rotated, expanded and/or composed, characterized by convex, unimodal, discontinuous, noisy and multimodal fitness landscapes. The Laplace distribution has been demonstrated to be more …
Publication date: 
1 Dec 2013

S Easter Selvan, MSP Subathra, A Hepzibah Christinal, Umberto Amato

Biblio References: 
Volume: 225 Pages: 843-859
Applied Mathematics and Computation