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In this paper an extensive investigation of hybrid molecular/silicon field-effect memories is presented, where Redox Ferrocene (Fc) molecules play the role of the memory charge storage nodes. Engineering of the organic linkers between Fc and Si is achieved by grafting Fc with different linker lengths. The study shows a clear correlation between results from atomistic computational Density Functional Theory (DFT), electrochemical measurements (Cyclic Voltammetry) and electrical data obtained by a detailed study on Pseudo-MOS devices. Physical- chemical analyses (Atomic Force Microscopy, high-resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy, X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy), were used to monitor the molecular layers.
Publication date: 
10 May 2009

J Buckley, T Pro, R Barattin, A Calborean, K Huang, V Aiello, G Nicotra, M Gely, G Delapierre, E Jalaguier, F Duclairoir, N Chevalier, D Mariolle, C Spinella, S Lombardo, P Blaise, P Maldivi, G Ghibaudo, R Baptist, B De Salvo

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Pages: 1-4
2009 IEEE International Memory Workshop