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In this work we propose to implement some innovative wearable technologies to manage safe interaction between astronauts and robots for specific dangerous tasks of maintenance such as those spent in long extra-vehicular activities. In particular, among the different technologies used in terrestrial applications of human machine interface, we analyse the possibility to adopt high sensitive device based on strain gauges that can be deployed inside the astronaut suite, guaranteeing a high level of comfort and a real-time monitoring of the movements of the worker. Moreover, flexible electronics is proposed as ad hoc technology to integrate part of the electronics inside the wearable smart garments. Finally, wireless communication with high redundant protocols and wireless sensor network are taken into account in order to favour a continuous dialogue between the two parts.
Publication date: 
22 Jun 2016

Alessandro Pecora, Luca Maiolo Antonio Minotti, Massimilano Ruggeri, Luca Dariz, Andrea Ferrone

Biblio References: 
Pages: 146-150
2016 IEEE Metrology for Aerospace (MetroAeroSpace)