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The growth rate of 4H-SiC epilayers has been increased up to 100 μm/h with the use of trichlorosilane instead of silane as the silicon precursor. The epitaxial layers grown with this process have been characterized by electrical, optical and structural characterization methods. Schottky diodes, manufactured on the epitaxial layer grown with trichlorosilane at 1600 °C, have higher yield and lower defect density in comparison to diodes realized on epilayers grown with the standard epitaxial process. Both very low (100 μm) epitaxial layer has been grown and the Schottky diodes realized on these layers with a good yield (>87%). This process gives the opportunity to realize very high-power devices with breakdown voltages in the …
Publication date: 
15 Dec 2008

F La Via, G Izzo, M Mauceri, G Pistone, G Condorelli, L Perdicaro, G Abbondanza, L Calcagno, G Foti, D Crippa

Biblio References: 
Volume: 311 Issue: 1 Pages: 107-113
Journal of Crystal Growth