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This paper presents unforeseen conceptualization, methods and results on the physics of short-range ordered (SRO) gold nanohole (NH) distributions, fabricated by a recent protocol developed by the authors. The straightforward extension to SROsingle bondNHs of the existing knowledge about periodic NH arrays is confuted and an alternative interpretative picture is proposed and discussed based on three main advancements. First, it is set up a so-called short-range lattice (SR-Lat) method to rigorously and fully characterize the coverage-dependent short-range ordering through the determination of local coordination and periodicity length (aSR) of the NH arrangement. Second, it is demonstrated the failure of the common assumption that the average center-to-center distance of nearest neighbor colloids/nanoholes (dNN) is the characteristic length-scale of SROsingle bondNHs and aSR is set as the proper …
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2024

Maura Cesaria, Antonietta Taurino

Biblio References: 
Volume: 44 Pages: 103753
Surfaces and Interfaces