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All-dielectric metasurfaces supporting resonant quasi-bound states in the continuum (qBIC) offer an ideal platform for various applications relying on intense light–matter interaction in highly localized and enhanced fields. Here, we propose a dielectric metasurface composed of hollow GaP nanocuboid quadrumers periodically arranged on a silica substrate. The metasurface supports a qBIC resonant mode with an antiferroelectric field configuration, which is very robust to large perturbations of the cuboid structure thanks to its perpendicular electric dipole field profile. The perturbed quadrumer arrangement retains C 4 v symmetry, thus allowing for polarization-independent optical response for normally incident planewaves. In addition, the resonant mode dispersion is investigated, revealing interesting features, such as low birefringence along the Γ M contour of the Brillouin zone and very low dispersion for the TM …
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2024

JF Algorri, V Dmitriev, HE Hernández-Figueroa, L Rodríguez-Cobo, F Dell’Olio, A Cusano, JM López-Higuera, DC Zografopoulos

Biblio References: 
Volume: 147 Pages: 114631
Optical Materials