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Here we investigate the interface properties of gold (Au) decorated graphenized surfaces of 4H-SiC intended for electrochemical electrodes. These are fabricated using a two-step process: discontinuous Au layers with a nominal thickness of 2 nm are sputter-deposited onto 4H-SiC substrates with different graphenization extent—zero-layer graphene (ZLG) and monolayer epitaxial graphene) —followed by thermal annealing. By performing combined morphometric analysis, Raman mapping analysis, conductive atomic force microscopy, and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy measurements, we shed light on the relationship between physical processes (Au intercalation, particle re-shaping, and de-wetting) caused by thermal annealing and the intrinsic properties of graphenized SiC (vertical electron transport, charge-transfer properties, vibrational properties, and catalytic activity). We find that the impedance …
Publication date: 
5 Jun 2023

Ivan Shtepliuk, Jing-Xin Jian, Nikolaos Pliatsikas, Emanuela Schilirò, Tihomir Iakimov, Gholamreza Yazdi, Ivan G Ivanov, Filippo Giannazzo, Kostas Sarakinos, Rositsa Yakimova

Biblio References: 
Pages: 112042
Microelectronic Engineering