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Quantum computation (QC) is one of the most challenging quantum technologies that promise to revolutionize data computation in the long-term by outperforming the classical supercomputers in specific applications. Errors will hamper this quantum revolution if not sufficiently limited and corrected by quantum error correction codes thus avoiding quantum algorithm failures. In particular millions of highly-coherent qubits arranged in a two-dimensional array are required to implement the surface code, one of the most promising codes for quantum error correction. One of the most attractive technologies to fabricate such large number of almost identical high-quality devices is the well known metal-oxide-semiconductor technology. Silicon quantum processor manufacturing can leverage the technological developments achieved in the last 50 years in the semiconductor industry. Here, we review modeling, fabrication …
IOP Publishing
Publication date: 
7 Jun 2023

Marco De Michielis, Elena Ferraro, Enrico Prati, Louis Hutin, Benoit Bertrand, Edoardo Charbon, David J Ibberson, Miguel Fernando Gonzalez-Zalba

Biblio References: 
Volume: 56 Issue: 36 Pages: 363001
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics