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BackgroundIn the Italian Campania Region, 30.517 new cases of solid cancer have been diagnosed, in 2019. Of those, patients with metastatic disease are up to 20%. This class of patients is extremely diversified and copious, and the offer of radiotherapy may vary in different geographical areas within the same region. The aim of this observational multicenter retrospective and prospective trial is to evaluate the occurrence of metastatic metastatic cancer patients candidates for palliative radiotherapy in several areas of a great Italian region, the management of the disease through RT approaches, and its impact on cancer-related pain and overall HRQoL.MethodsThis is a multicenter, retrospective and prospective observational investigation. The retrospective part of the study concerns all patients enrolled with a diagnosis of metastatic disease and treated in RT centers within the Campania Region between January …
Dove Press
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2022

Rossella Di Franco, Marco Cascella, Mario Fusco, Valentina Borzillo, Esmeralda Scipilliti, Piera Ferraioli, Eva Iannacone, Giampaolo De Palma, Giustino Silvestro, Federica Gherardi, Sergio Buonopane, Domingo Alberti, Giuseppe Totaro, Roberto Manzo, Giovanna Guida, Arturo Cuomo, Sandro Pignata, Marilena Di Napoli, Sabrina Rossetti, Egidio Celentano, Anna Crispo, Maria Grimaldi, Vincenzo Ravo, Paolo Muto

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Volume: 15 Pages: 1003
Journal of Pain Research