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Objectives: To evaluate the combined effect of a lifestyle program focused on low dietary GI and PA on BC recurrence in the context of a MeD.Methods: One hundred and forty-nine women (30-74 yrs) with primary BC, participating in DEDiCa study (NCT02786875), were randomized into one of two treatments: 1) Group A (N= 73) recommendations on a traditional MeD with low GI carbohydrates+ brisk walk of at least 30min per day+ vitamin D supplementation to reach blood levels of 15-OH-D of 60 ng/ml; 2) Group B (N= 76) recommendations on a traditional MeD with whole grains+ avoidance of sedentary behaviour+ vitamin D supplementation (30 ng/ml). Every 3 months we assessed: anthropometric and biochemical parameters, dietary habits by 7 days food records, PA by 7-day step counter and questions. All statistical analysis was performed using SPSS v. 25.0.Results: At 12 months a significant reduction (p< 0 …
Publication date: 
9 Mar 2020

C Montagnese, G Porciello, S Vitale, E Palumbo, I Calabrese, A Crispo, M Grimaldi, R Pica, V Marotta, N Esindi, M Prete, S Cubisino, L Falzone, M De Laurentiis, M Rinaldo, M D’Aiuto, D Cianniello, C Pacilio, M Pinto, G Thomas, F Catalano, G Banna, V Ursino, F Ferrau, R Rossello, D Serraino, S Massarut, L Poletto, V Martinuzzo, G Guerra, A Farina, F Messina, E Cavalcanti, A Minopoli, P Fiorillo, B Grilli, M Cuomo, C Comegna, S Cervo, C Evangelista, D Bolzicco, A Steffan, G Riccardi, DJA Jenkins, D Gatti, M Libra, E Celentano, G Botti, LSA Augustin

Biblio References: 
Volume: 30 Issue: 3 Pages: 541-542
Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases