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Over the past 30 years or more, chalcogenide phase-change materials and devices have generated much scientific and industrial interest, particularly as a platform for non-volatile optical and electronic storage devices. More recently, the combination of chalcogenide phase-change materials with photonic integrated circuits has begun to be enthusiastically explored, and among many proposals, the all-photonic phase-change memory brings the memristor-type device concept to the integrated photonic platform, opening up the route to new forms of unconventional (e.g., in-memory and neuromorphic) yet practicable optical computing. For any memory or computing device, fast switching speed and low switching energy are most attractive attributes, and approaches by which speed and energy efficiency can be improved are always desirable. For phase-change material-based devices, speed and energy consumption …
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Publication date: 
21 Mar 2021

E Gemo, J Faneca, S G.-C. Carrillo, A Baldycheva, WHP Pernice, H Bhaskaran, CD Wright

Biblio References: 
Volume: 129 Issue: 11 Pages: 110902
Journal of Applied Physics