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The open-circuit voltage decay (OCVD) method is a well-known technique for conducting electrical measurements of carrier lifetime: the main advantages lie in the simple setup and the possibility of carrying out measurements in commercial devices without the need of removing the package, as for optical methods. Despite several researchers having reported carrier lifetimes measured by the OCVD method in different devices, there has been little discussion about the potential effect of the experimental setup on the obtained results. By comparing the outputs of the experimental measurements with those of numerical simulations, this study investigates the overlooked effect of the OCVD measurement setup on the former. Due to the growing importance of SiC-based devices, the analysis is applied to a 4H-SiC p-i-n diode. Two main points are addressed: 1) the effect of circuit setup on the ambipolar lifetime is …
Publication date: 
4 Jun 2021

Giovanna Sozzi, Sergio Sapienza, Roberta Nipoti, Giovanni Chiorboli

Biblio References: 
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices