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The combination of phase-change materials and integrated photonics has led to the development of new forms of all-optical devices, including photonic memories, arithmetic and logic processors, and synaptic and neuronal mimics. Such devices can be readily fabricated into photonic integrated circuits, so potentially delivering large-scale all-optical arithmetic-logic units and neuromorphic processing chips. To facilitate in the design and optimization of such large-scale systems, and to aid in the understanding of device and system performance, fast yet accurate computer models are needed. Here, we describe the development of a behavioral modeling tool that meets such requirements, being capable of essentially instantaneous modeling of the write, erase, and readout performance of various integrated phase-change photonic devices, including those for synaptic and neuronal mimics.
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Publication date: 
1 Sep 2019

Santiago G-C Carrillo, Emanuele Gemo, Xuan Li, Nathan Youngblood, Andrew Katumba, Peter Bienstman, Wolfram Pernice, Harish Bhaskaran, C David Wright

Biblio References: 
Volume: 7 Issue: 9 Pages: 091113
APL Materials