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Phase-change materials, such as the well-known ternary alloy Ge_2Sb_2Te_5, are essential to many types of photonic devices, from re-writeable optical disk memories to more recent developments such as phase-change displays, reconfigurable optical metasurfaces, and integrated phase-change photonic devices and systems. The successful design and development of such applications and devices requires accurate knowledge of the complex refractive index of the phase-change material being used. To this end, it is common practice to rely on published experimental refractive index data. However, published values can vary quite significantly for notionally the same composition, no doubt due to variations in fabrication/deposition processes. Rather than rely on published data, a more reliable approach to index determination is to measure the properties of as-fabricated films, and this is usually carried out using …
Optical Society of America
Publication date: 
1 Jul 2020

E Gemo, SV Kesava, C Ruiz De Galarreta, L Trimby, S García-Cuevas Carrillo, M Riede, A Baldycheva, A Alexeev, CD Wright

Biblio References: 
Volume: 10 Issue: 7 Pages: 1675-1686
Optical Materials Express