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Here, we applied rubbing on thiophene derivate organic semiconductor thin films to induce a reversible mechanical amorphisation. Amorphisation is associated with fluorescence switching, which is regulated by the polymorphic nature of the film. Thermal annealing of rubbed film produces an opposite effect with respect to rubbing, inducing the film crystallization. Notably, thermal crystallisation starts at low temperature but generates the polymorph stable at high temperature in the bulk. The mechanism of mechanical transformation is explained considering the mechanical properties of the material and demonstrated through combined X-ray diffraction, Atomic force microscopy and photoluminescence at confocal microscopy.
Royal Society of Chemistry
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2021

Massimiliano Cavallini, Ilse Manet, Marco Brucale, Laura Favaretto, Manuela Melucci, Lucia Maini, Fabiola Liscio, Michele della Ciana, Denis Gentili

Biblio References: 
Journal of Materials Chemistry C