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Bidimensional (2D) materials are nowadays being developed as outstanding candidates for electronic and optoelectronic components and devices. Targeted applications include sensing, energy conversion, and storage. Phosphorene is one of the most promising systems in this context, but its high reactivity under atmospheric conditions and its small-area/lab-scale deposition techniques have hampered the introduction of this material in real-world applications so far. However, phosphorene oxides in the form of low-dimensional structures (2D POx) should behave as an electroresponsive material according to recent theoretical studies. In the present work, we introduce electrospraying for the deposition of stoichiometric and large-area 2D POx nanoflakes starting from a suspension of liquid-phase-exfoliated phosphorene. We obtained 2D POx nanostructures with a mean surface area two orders of magnitude larger …
American Chemical Society
Publication date: 
29 Mar 2021

Salvatore Moschetto, Margherita Bolognesi, Federico Prescimone, Marco Brucale, Alessio Mezzi, Luca Ortolani, Maria Caporali, Pasqualantonio Pingue, Manuel Serrano-Ruiz, Dario Pisignano, Maurizio Peruzzini, Luana Persano, Stefano Toffanin

Biblio References: 
ACS Applied Nano Materials