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In recent years cubic silicon carbide (3C-SiC) has been regaining its importance among other SiC polytypes in development of various semiconductor device applications. Besides for active devices it can be used as a substrate for growth of high quality nitrides or epitaxial graphene layers. The quality of the latter greatly benefits from the absence of energy driven step bunching. The high electron mobility (~1000 cm2V-1s-1) and lower bandgap (~2.3eV) of 3C-SiC, compared to hexagonal SiC polytypes, enabled researchers to demonstrate the best channel mobility values (~300 cm2V-1s-1) among the SiC-based MOSFETs devices. The advantages of 3C-SiC for development of medium power devices have been recognized by the European Commission which is funding a collaborative research project ”CHALLENGE” (2017-2021) aiming at pushing 3C-SiC growth and device fabrication technologies closer to the …
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Publication date: 
1 Sep 2017

Rositsa Yakimova, Ivan G Ivanov, Lasse Vines, Margareta Linnarsson, Andreas Gällström, Filippo Giannazzo, Fabrizio Roccaforte, Peter Wellmann, Mikael Syväjärvi, Valdas Jokubavicius

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Issue: 31 Pages: 1325
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