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In this work we have investigated resonant cavity enhanced (RCE) photodetectors (PDs), exploiting the Internal Photoemission Effect (IPE) through a Single Layer Graphene (SLG) replacing metals in the Silicon (Si) Schottky junctions, operating at 1550 nm. The SLG/Si Schottky junction is incorporated into a Fabry-Pèrot (F-P) optical microcavity in order to enhance both the graphene absorption and the responsivity. These devices are provided of high spectral selectivity at the resonance wavelength which can be suitably tuned by changing the length of the cavity. We get a wavelength-dependent photoresponse with external responsivity ∼20 mA/W in a planar F-P microcavity with finesse of 5.4. In addition, in order to increase the finesse of the cavity, and consequently its responsivity, a new device where the SLG has placed in the middle of a Si-based F-P microcavity has been proposed and theoretically …
Publication date: 
19 Jul 2020

Maurizio Casalino, Teresa Crisci, Luigi Moretti, Mariano Gioffrè, Mario Iodice, Giuseppe Coppola, Piera Maccagnani, Rita Rizzoli, Filippo Bonafè, Caterina Summonte, Vittorio Morandi

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Pages: 1-4
2020 22nd International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (ICTON)