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Innovation on semiconductors technology requires enhancements of all actors like adhesion layers, barriers and metal stacks, beyond of semiconductor materials themselves. In general, metallic layers influence the whole die performances. The composition and the layout of these metal layers are fundamental for the signal transmission from the frame to the die and vice versa, and therefore their improvement contributes to the die development in terms of performances and reliability. In the present work, two pad structures have been benchmarked and analyzed under the structural strength standpoint. The experimental comparison among the different pads has been done through a flat punch nanoindentation to highlight the material strength and the crack propagation phenomena. Testing results have been compared to finite element models to analyze the stress through the different layers. The findings of the work …
Publication date: 
5 Jul 2020

Michele Calabretta, Daniele Guarnera, Alessandro Sitta, Marco Renna, Antonella Sciuto, Giuseppe D’Arrigo, Salvatore Massimo Oliveri, Gaetano Sequenzia

Biblio References: 
Pages: 1-5
2020 21st International Conference on Thermal, Mechanical and Multi-Physics Simulation and Experiments in Microelectronics and Microsystems (EuroSimE)