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Silicon-based digital electronics have evolved over decades through an aggressive scaling process following Moore's law with increasingly complex device structures. Simultaneously, large-area electronics have continued to rely on the same field-effect transistor structure with minimal evolution. This limitation has resulted in less than ideal circuit designs, with increased complexity to account for shortcomings in material properties and process control. At present, this situation is holding back the development of novel systems required for printed and flexible electronic applications beyond the Internet of Things. In this work we demonstrate the opportunity offered by the source-gated transistor's unique properties for low-cost, highly functional large-area applications in two extremely compact circuit blocks. Polysilicon common-source amplifiers show 49 dB gain, the highest reported for a two-transistor unipolar circuit …
Publication date: 
29 Jul 2020

Eva Bestelink, Kham M Niang, Georgios Bairaktaris, Luca Maiolo, Francesco Maita, Kalil Ali, Andrew J Flewitt, S Ravi P Silva, Radu A Sporea

Biblio References: 
Volume: 20 Issue: 24 Pages: 14903-14913
IEEE Sensors Journal