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In this paper we deposit structures comprising a stack of 10 periods made of 15-nm-thick Ge multiple quantum wells (MQWs) enclosed in a 15-nm-thick Si 0.2 Ge 0.8 barrier on SiGe virtual substrates (VSs) featuring different Ge content in the 85%–100% range to investigate the influence of heteroepitaxial strain on Si 0.2 Ge 0.8 and Ge growth. With increasing Ge concentration of the VS, the growth rate of Si 0.2 Ge 0.8 in the MQWs increases. Si incorporation into the Si 0.2 Ge 0.8 layer also becomes slightly higher. However, almost no influence of the growth rate is observed for Ge growth in the MQWs. We argue that increased tensile strain promotes the Si reaction at the surface. In the case of Si 0.2 Ge 0.8 growth on Ge, we observe a smeared interface due to Ge segregation during the growth. Furthermore, we observe that the interface width increases with increasing Ge concentration of the VS. We attribute this …
IOP Publishing
Publication date: 
20 Feb 2020

Yuji Yamamoto, Oliver Skibitzki, Markus Andreas Schubert, Mario Scuderi, Felix Reichmann, Marvin H Zöllner, Monica De Seta, Giovanni Capellini, Bernd Tillack

Biblio References: 
Volume: 59 Issue: SG Pages: SGGK10
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics