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Recent developments in robotic systems, automation and computer vision and sensors have well prepared the ground towards automated robotic solutions for inspection of civil infrastructures and particularly tunnels ageing urgently requiring serious inspection and assessment. Nowadays, tunnel inspections are being performed manually and visually by human operators.ROBO-SPECT is an EC co-funded research project (FP7—ICT—611145) that is driven by the tunnel inspection industry and that adapts and integrates recent research results in intelligent control in robotics, computer vision and active continuous learning and sensing, in an innovative, integrated, robotic system. ROBO-SPECT automatically scans the internal surface of tunnels for potential defects (spalling, delamination etc) and inspects and measures radial deformation in the cross-section, distance between parallel cracks, cracks and open …
ICE Publishing
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2016

K Loupos, A Amditis, A Doulamis, P Chrobocinski, J Victores, M Wietek, P Panetsos, A Roncaglia, S Camarinopoulos, V Kallidromitis, D Bairaktaris, N Komodakis, R Lopez

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Pages: 309-314
Transforming the Future of Infrastructure through Smarter Information: Proceedings of the International Conference on Smart Infrastructure and ConstructionConstruction, 27–29 June 2016