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Several spin qubit architectures have been proposed, theoretically investigated and realized at least on the scale of single devices in view of quantum computation and simulation applications. We focus our study on five qubit types: quantum dot spin qubit, double quantum dot singlet-triplet qubit, double quantum dot hybrid qubit, donor qubit, quantum dot spin-donor qubit and for each one we derived a compact effective Hamiltonian. Single qubit gate fidelities when time interval error is included are compared. A realistic set of values for the error parameters of amplitude controls linked to the z and x contribution appearing in the Hamiltonian models has been used. This study provides a ranking of the gate fidelities for the different qubit architectures highlighting which one is the most robust with respect to the considered control noises.
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2019
Biblio References: 
Volume: 12 Issue: 1 Pages: 53
Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute Proceedings