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We present a theoretical and experimental analysis of the sensing capabilities of Raman-based distributed temperature optical fiber sensor (RDTS) systems using only the anti-Stokes (AS) component in loop configuration. In particular, the effects of time- and wavelength-dependent losses on the sensor performance are thoroughly investigated under different experimental conditions. As expected from the developed theory, experimental results demonstrate that using the loop AS-light only approach in RDTS systems can correct the impact of local and wavelength-dependent losses on the final temperature measurements, with the simple use of an internal calibration fiber spool at a known temperature value. Signal-to-noise ratio and temperature resolution analyses of the AS-only RDTS point out an improved temperature resolution in comparison to standard RDTS systems in loop configuration.
Publication date: 
7 Nov 2011

Marcelo A Soto, Alessandro Signorini, Tiziano Nannipieri, Stefano Faralli, Gabriele Bolognini, Fabrizio Di Pasquale

Biblio References: 
Volume: 30 Issue: 8 Pages: 1215-1222
Journal of lightwave technology