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We theoretically investigate the possibility to load microwave waveguides with dielectric particle arrays that emulate the properties of infinite, two-dimensional, all-dielectric metasurfaces. First, we study the scattering properties and the electric and magnetic multipole modes of dielectric cuboids and identify the conditions for the excitation of the so-called anapole state. Based on the obtained results, we design metasurfaces composed of a square lattice of dielectric cuboids, which exhibit strong toroidal resonances. Then, three standard microwave waveguide types, namely parallel-plate waveguides, rectangular waveguides, and microstrip lines, loaded with dielectric cuboids are designed, in such a way that they exhibit the same resonant features as the equivalent dielectric metasurface. The analysis shows that parallel-plate and rectangular waveguides can almost perfectly reproduce the metasurface properties at …
Nature Publishing Group
Publication date: 
17 May 2019

Dimitrios C Zografopoulos, José Francisco Algorri, Antonio Ferraro, Braulio García-Cámara, José Manuel Sánchez-Pena, Romeo Beccherelli

Biblio References: 
Volume: 9 Issue: 1 Pages: 1-11
Scientific reports