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The interconnect half‐pitch size will reach ≈20 nm in the coming sub‐5 nm technology node. Meanwhile, the TaN/Ta (barrier/liner) bilayer stack has to be >4 nm to ensure acceptable liner and diffusion barrier properties. Since TaN/Ta occupy a significant portion of the interconnect cross‐section and they are much more resistive than Cu, the effective conductance of an ultrascaled interconnect will be compromised by the thick bilayer. Therefore, 2D layered materials have been explored as diffusion barrier alternatives. However, many of the proposed 2D barriers are prepared at too high temperatures to be compatible with the back‐end‐of‐line (BEOL) technology. In addition, as important as the diffusion barrier properties, the liner properties of 2D materials must be evaluated, which has not yet been pursued. Here, a 2D layered tantalum sulfide (TaSx ) with ≈1.5 nm thickness is developed to replace the …
Publication date: 
1 Jul 2019

Chun‐Li Lo, Massimo Catalano, Ava Khosravi, Wanying Ge, Yujin Ji, Dmitry Y Zemlyanov, Luhua Wang, Rafik Addou, Yuanyue Liu, Robert M Wallace, Moon J Kim, Zhihong Chen

Biblio References: 
Volume: 31 Issue: 30 Pages: 1902397
Advanced Materials