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Low‐dimensional carbon materials occupy a relevant role in the field of nanotechnology. Herein, the authors report a study conducted by atomic force microscopy and Raman spectroscopy on the deposition of carbon dots onto graphene surfaces. The study aims at understanding if and how the morphology and the microstructure of chemical vapor deposited graphene on Si/SiO2 may change due to the interaction with the carbon dots. Potential alteration in the graphene's electrical properties might be detrimental for optoelectronic applications. The deposition of carbon dots dispersed in water and ethanol solvents are explored to investigate the effect of solvents with different fluidic properties. The obtained results indicate that the carbon dots do not alter the quality of graphene.
Publication date: 
1 Feb 2019

Giuliana Faggio, Andrea Gnisci, Giacomo Messina, Nicola Lisi, Andrea Capasso, Gwan Hyoung Lee, Angelo Armano, Alice Sciortino, Fabrizio Messina, Marco Cannas, Franco Mario Gelardi, Emanuela Schilirò, Filippo Giannazzo, Simonpietro Agnello

Biblio References: 
Volume: 216 Issue: 3 Pages: 1800559
physica status solidi (a)