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We investigate the scattering properties of novel kinds of nano-textured substrates, fabricated in a self-organized fashion by defocused ion beam sputtering. These substrates provide strong and broadband scattering of light and can be useful for applications in thin-film solar cells. In particular, we characterize the transmitted light in terms of haze and angle-resolved scattering, and we compare our results with those obtained for the commonly employed Asahi-U texture. The results indicate that the novel substrate has better scattering properties compared to reference Asahi-U substrates. We observe super-Lambertian light scattering behavior in selected spectral and angular regions due to the peculiar morphology of the nano-textured interface, which combines high aspect ratio pseudo random structures with a one-dimensional periodic pattern. The enhancement of light absorption observed in a prototype thin film …
IOP Publishing
Publication date: 
21 Jun 2018

C Mennucci, S Del Sorbo, S Pirotta, M Galli, LC Andreani, C Martella, MC Giordano, F Buatier de Mongeot

Biblio References: 
Volume: 29 Issue: 35 Pages: 355301