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The structural properties and the room temperature luminescence of Er2O3 thin films deposited by RF magnetron sputtering have been studied. Films characterized by good morphological properties have been obtained by using a SiO2 interlayer between the film and the Si substrate. The evolution of the properties of the Er2O3 films due to rapid thermal annealing processes in O2 ambient performed at temperatures in the range 800–1200 °C has been investigated in details. The existence of well-defined annealing conditions (temperature of 1100 °C or higher) allowing to avoid the occurrence of extensive chemical reactions with the oxidized substrate has been demonstrated and an increase of the photoluminescence (PL) intensity by about a factor of 40 with respect to the as deposited material has been observed. The enhanced efficiency of the photon emission process has been correlated with the longer lifetime …
Publication date: 
1 Dec 2006

M Miritello, R Lo Savio, F Iacona, G Franzo, C Bongiorno, A Irrera, F Priolo

Biblio References: 
Volume: 121 Issue: 2 Pages: 233-237
Journal of luminescence