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A surface micromachining technique of LiNbO3 substrates, based on an improved implantation-assisted wet etching process, will be presented and discussed. 2.3 μm high relief structures with optical quality surfaces were fabricated on LiNbO3 by 5 MeV Cu ion implantation through an SU-8 10 μm thick photoresist masking layer patterned by a standard photolithographic process. The LiNbO3 regions amorphized by implantation were etched in a 49% HF aqueous solution at a rate of 100 nm/s exploiting the high differential ...
Publication date: 
9 Mar 2013

Simone Sugliania, Pietro De Nicolaa, Giovanni Battista Montanaria, Alessio Nubilea, Angela Menina, Fulvio Mancarellab, Paolo Verganic, Andrea Meronic, Marco Astolfic, Marco Borsettoc, Guido Consonnic, Roberto Longonec, Marco Chiarinia, Marco Bianconia, Gian Giuseppe Bentinia

Biblio References: 
Volume: 8612 Pages: 86120E-1
Proc. of SPIE Vol