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High energy lasers processing of materials is knowing an increasing interest since it not only can make manufacturing faster, cleaner, and more accurate but also because it opens up entirely new technologies and manufacturing methods, that are simply not available by using standard techniques. In this paper, an experimental set-up, based on pulsed KrF excimer Laser, assembled for surface patterning of mono and two-dimensional, (1D-2D), micro and submicro structures on LiNbO3(LN) crystal, will be described in detail. The apparatus has been used to produce photonic structures in LN, both by patterning of PMMA photoresist, and by direct surface patterning through laser ablation or direct laser writing. The structures and properties of the photonic crystals fabricated by using this apparatus have been investigated, and the preliminary results will be presented.
International Society for Optics and Photonics
Publication date: 
3 Feb 2006

Pengfei Wang, GG Bentini, M Bianconi, A Cerutti, M Chiarini, P Mazzoldi, G Pennestri, C Sada, Lin She

Biblio References: 
Volume: 6029 Pages: 60291J
ICO20: Materials and Nanostructures