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While the unique elastic properties of monolayer graphene have been extensively investigated, less knowledge has been developed so far on folded graphene. Nevertheless, it has been recently suggested that fold-induced curvature (without in-plane strain) could possibly affect the local chemical and electron transport properties of graphene, envisaging a material-by-design approach where tailored membranes are used in enhanced nanoresonators or nanoelectromechanical devices. In this work we propose a novel method combining apparent strain analysis from high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HREM) images and theoretical modeling based on continuum elasticity theory and tight-binding atomistic simulations to map and measure the nanoscale curvature of graphene folds and wrinkles. If enough contrast and resolution in HREM images are obtained, this method can be successfully applied …
American Chemical Society
Publication date: 
10 Oct 2012

Luca Ortolani, Emiliano Cadelano, Giulio Paolo Veronese, Cristian Degli Esposti Boschi, Etienne Snoeck, Luciano Colombo, Vittorio Morandi

Biblio References: 
Volume: 12 Issue: 10 Pages: 5207-5212
Nano letters