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A method to extract accurate information on the displacement field distribution from split high‐order Laue zones lines in a convergent‐beam electron diffraction pattern of nanostructures has been developed. Starting from two‐dimensional many beam dynamical simulation of HOLZ patterns, we assembled a recursive procedure to reconstruct the displacement field in the investigated regions of the sample, based on the best fit of a parametrized model. This recursive procedure minimizes the differences between simulated and experimental patterns, taken in strained regions, by comparing the corresponding rocking curves of a number of high‐order Laue zone reflections. Due to its sensitivity to small displacement variations along the electron beam direction, this method is able to discriminate between different models, and can be also used to map a strain field component in the specimen. We tested this method in a …
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Publication date: 
1 May 2007

A Spessot, S Frabboni, R Balboni, A Armigliato

Biblio References: 
Volume: 226 Issue: 2 Pages: 140-155
Journal of Microscopy