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Coal fly ash (CFA) is an industrial by-product derived from coal combustion in thermal power plants. This abundant and low cost by-product is generally reemployed as an additive in the building industry. This work explores the possibility of recovering CFA as an adsorbing material for the removal of anionic surfactants dissolved in water, on the basis of data about concerning its embodied energy. Indeed, Although the CO2 footprint of CFA and activated carbon is comparable, CFA shows an extremely lower embodied energy with respect to activated carbon, the most used widely used material for surfactant removal. Surfactant are widely used in several detergents products, and enter into the environment through the discharge of sewage effluents. In this paper, Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (SDS) is used as a model surfactant. Upon careful optimization of the CFA/SDS mass ratio, it was found that CFA is able to remove …
Publication date: 
10 Jan 2017

Alessandra Zanoletti, Stefania Federici, Laura Borgese, Paolo Bergese, Matteo Ferroni, Laura Eleonora Depero, Elza Bontempi

Biblio References: 
Volume: 141 Pages: 230-236
Journal of Cleaner Production