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The processes which are currently studied in the fabrication of B-doped ultra shallow junctions (USJ) usually involve a preamorphization step to reduce B channelling effect during implantation and to improve B electrical activation. At this stage a high amount of Si interstitial atoms (Is), which dramatically increases the B diffusivity, is introduced. The introduction of voids in Si is a promising tool to control B transient enhanced diffusion (TED), because of their ability to capture Is. In this work the efficiency of a cavity band to reduce B TED is checked in silicon interstitial supersaturation conditions, obtained by high dose Si implantation. He is implanted either at 10 keV or at 50 keV with a fluence of 5 × 1016 cm−2. Conventional techniques to introduce and activate the B (conventional ion implantation and rapid thermal annealing (RTA)) are applied in order to have a better control of the technological process to focus on the …
Publication date: 
15 Mar 2009

M Canino, G Regula, M Xu, E Ntzoenzok, B Pichaud

Biblio References: 
Volume: 159 Pages: 338-341
Materials Science and Engineering: B