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Absolute calibration of the Pierre Auger Observatory fluorescence detectors uses a 375 nm light source at the telescope aperture. This end-to-end technique accounts for the combined effects of all detector components in a single measurement. The relative response has been measured at wavelengths of 320, 337, 355, 380 and 405 nm, defining a spectral response curve which has been normalized to the absolute calibration. Before and after each night of data taking a relative calibration of the phototubes is performed. This relative calibration is used to track both short and long term changes in the detector's response. A cross check of the calibration in some phototubes is performed using an independent laser technique. Overall uncertainties, current results and future plans are discussed.
Publication date: 
14 Aug 2007

R Knapik, P Bauleo, BR Becker, J Brack, R Caruso, C Delle Fratte, A Dorofeev, J Harton, A Insolia, JAJ Matthews, A Menshikov, F Ortolani, P Petrinca, A Pichel, S Riggi, M Roberts, J Rodriguez Martino, AC Rovero, M Scuderi, A Tamashiro, D Torresi, V Tuci, L Wiencke

Biblio References: 
arXiv preprint arXiv:0708.1924