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Metal contacts (Schottky or Ohmic) to p-type wide band gap (WBG) semiconductors SiC and GaN are important for power devices technologies. This work reports on the properties of Ti/Al-based contacts to p-type 4H-SiC and p-type GaN, monitored using different techniques and test-patterns. In particular, in the case of p-type SiC, Ti/Al and Ti/Al/W contacts showed a superior Ohmic behavior after annealing at 900–1100 C (with ρ c≈ 1.5–6× 10− 4 Ωcm 2), attributed to the formation of Ti-and Al-containing phases at the ...
Publication date: 
1 Nov 2016

F Roccaforte, M Vivona, G Greco, R Lo Nigro, F Giannazzo, S Di Franco, C Bongiorno, F Iucolano, A Frazzetto, S Rascunà, A Patti, M Saggio

Biblio References: 
physica status solidi (a)