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In this paper an innovative approach for Si solar cells based on radial junctions is presented. It consists of fabricating the junction in quasi one-dimensional structures like holes. The hole-based architecture, while maintaining the decoupling between the light absorption and the electrical collection typical of the more common wires and rods, ensures more robustness, numerous waveguide coupling modes and possibility to form non-conformal top contact. Nanosizes also provide the possibility to tune the band gap by quantum effects. Doping of the nanoholes, like in the case of nanowires, presents critical issues like conformality and control of the dopant dose and junction depth at nanometric level. We propose to dope the nanoholes by using a chemical method based on the use of a dopant containing molecules dispersed in solution. We apply the procedure on an array of holes of micrometric sizes fabricated to test …
Publication date: 
15 May 2013

C Garozzo, F Giannazzo, M Italia, A La Magna, V Privitera, RA Puglisi

Biblio References: 
Volume: 178 Issue: 9 Pages: 686-690
Materials Science and Engineering: B