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The results of a new epitaxial process using an industrial 6 × 2″ wafer reactor with the introduction of HCl during the growth have been reported. A complete reduction of silicon nucleation in the gas phase has been observed even for high silicon dilution parameters (Si/H2 > 0.05%) and an increase of the growth rate until about 20 μm/h has been measured. Photoluminescence at room temperature and at 50 K was used for defects quantification and distribution. On these wafers grown using HCl high voltage Schottky diodes have been realized. The diodes were analyzed by current–voltage (I–V) characteristics.
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2006

F La Via, G Galvagno, F Roccaforte, F Giannazzo, S Di Franco, A Ruggiero, R Reitano, L Calcagno, G Foti, M Mauceri, S Leone, G Pistone, F Portuese, G Abbondanza, G Abbagnale, Alessandro Veneroni, F Omarini, Laura Zamolo, Maurizio Masi, GL Valente, D Crippa

Biblio References: 
Volume: 83 Issue: 1 Pages: 48-50
Microelectronic engineering