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In this work, the morphological, structural, and electrical properties of Ti/Al/W contacts to p-type implanted silicon carbide (4H-SiC) have been monitored as a function of the annealing temperature (800–1100 °C). The increase of the annealing temperature induces a transition from a rectifying to an Ohmic behavior, with a specific contact resistance of 5.8 × 10−4 Ωcm2. The electrical behavior has been correlated with the morphological and structural analyses. In particular, the transition to an Ohmic behavior was accompanied by a gradual increase of the surface roughness and by the occurrence of a reaction leading to the formation of new phases in the stack and at the interface (TiAl3, W(SiAl)2, and TiC). The presence of Al-rich protrusions penetrating in the SiC substrate was also observed. From the temperature dependence of the electrical parameters, a barrier height of 0.69 eV for this system was determined …
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Publication date: 
21 Jul 2015
Biblio References: 
Volume: 118 Issue: 3 Pages: 035705
Journal of Applied Physics