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Using a method based on scanning capacitance spectroscopy, local measurements of the electron mean free path (l) and mobility (μ) have been carried out on single layers of graphene (SLG) mechanically exfoliated from highly oriented pyrolytic graphite and deposited on SiO2/Si. Lateral inhomogeneity of l and μ was found both on pristine and ion irradiated SLG with different C ion fluences (from 1013 to 1014 cm−2), with an increasing spread in the distribution of l and μ for larger fluences. Before irradiation, the spread was explained by the inhomogeneous distribution of charged impurities on SLG surface and/or at the interface with SiO2. After irradiation, lattice vacancies cause a local reduction of μ in the damaged regions.
American Institute of Physics
Publication date: 
28 Dec 2009

F Giannazzo, S Sonde, V Raineri, E Rimini

Biblio References: 
Volume: 95 Issue: 26 Pages: 263109
Applied Physics Letters