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The Hall scattering factor rH has been determined for holes in high-dose boron-implanted ultrashallow junctions containing high concentrations of boron-interstitial clusters (BICs), combining scanning capacitance microscopy, nanospreading resistance, Hall effect, and secondary ion mass spectroscopy measurements. A value of rH=0.74±0.1 has been found in reference defect-free fully activated junctions, in good agreement with the existing literature. In the case of junctions containing high concentrations of immobile and electrically inactive BICs, and independently of the implant or the annealing process, the rH value has been found to be equal to 0.95±0.1. The increase in the rH value is explained in terms of the additional scattering centers associated to the presence of high concentrations of BICs.
American Institute of Physics
Publication date: 
15 Feb 2009

Fabrice Severac, Fuccio Cristiano, Elena Bedel-Pereira, Pier Francesco Fazzini, Wilfried Lerch, Silke Paul, Xavier Hebras, Filippo Giannazzo

Biblio References: 
Volume: 105 Issue: 4 Pages: 043711
Journal of Applied Physics