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In this work we present a flexible pyroelectric capacitive sensor, based on PVDF-TrFE, fabricated on a ultra-thin polyimide film (8μm thick) connected to a fully printed p-channel organic thin film transistor that is used to amplify the sensor signal. We fabricate a standalone device, exploiting a multi-foil approach, where the pyroelectric capacitor was glued on the organic TFT substrate, that consists of a PEN foil 125μm thick, previously made in CEA-LITEN labs. The pyroelectric properties of the PVDF-TrFE capacitor were enhanced using a thermal poling procedure before the TFT integration. The sensor behavior was analyzed at different working frequencies (up to 500Hz) under a specific infrared (IR) radiation provided by a He-Ne laser, with a wavelength of 632nm and maximum power of 5 mW. An output signal of few millivolts was observed, exploiting the pre-amplification of the fully printed organic transistor.
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Publication date: 
1 Jan 2012

L Maiolo, F Maita, A Pecora, M Rapisarda, L Mariucci, M Benwadih, S Jacob, I Chartier, R Coppard

Biblio References: 
Volume: 47 Pages: 526-529
Procedia Engineering