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We present two different methods to pattern the band gap of dilute nitrides in their growth plane by exploiting the unique capability of H to passivate N in these materials. By deposition of metallic masks on and subsequent H irradiation of GaAs1−xNx, we artificially create zones of the crystal having the band gap of untreated GaAs1−xNx well surrounded by GaAs‐like barriers. Alternatively, by focusing an energetic e−‐beam on the surface of hydrogenated GaAs1−xNx we displace H atoms from their N passivation sites, thus leading to a controlled decrease in the crystal band gap in the spatial region where the e−‐beam is steered.
American Institute of Physics
Publication date: 
10 Apr 2007

M Felici, A Polimeni, F Masia, R Trotta, G Pettinari, M Capizzi, G Salviati, L Lazzarini, N Armani, M Piccin, G Bais, F Martelli, S Rubini, A Franciosi, L Mariucci

Biblio References: 
Volume: 893 Issue: 1 Pages: 31-32
AIP Conference Proceedings