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We present, for the first time, the application of the asymmetric fingered thin film transistor (AF-TFT) architecture to self-aligned p-channel TFTs for kink effect suppression. In AF-TFT the transistor channel region is split into two zones with different lengths (L1>L2) separated by a floating p+ region. A fourth electrode, contacting the floating p+ region, allowed us to measure the individual electrical characteristics of the two sub-TFTs. Output characteristics show that substantial kink effect reduction can be achieved when the sub-TFT placed at the drain end of the device has an L2≪L1. The electrical characteristics were analysed by using numerical simulations in the framework of the two-transistor model and we show that kink effect suppression arises from the operation in saturation regime of the source sub-TFT. The electrical characteristics of the fabricated p-channel AF-TFTs show a complete kink effect suppression …
Publication date: 
16 Jul 2007

A Bonfiglietti, M Cuscunà, M Rapisarda, A Pecora, L Mariucci, G Fortunato, C Caligiore, E Fontana, S Leonardi, F Tramontana

Biblio References: 
Volume: 515 Issue: 19 Pages: 7433-7436
Thin solid films