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We investigated the excitation density dependence of the photoluminescence spectra of hybrid poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene)-CdSe/ZnS nanocrystals (PF8-NCs) thin films. We demonstrate that this experiment allows the determination of the efficiency of all the CdSe/ZnS NCs excitation processes and that the presence of amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) from the PF8 leads to a strong dependence of the NC excitation processes from the laser excitation density. Below the PF8 ASE threshold only about 6% of the excitons in the NCs are due to pump laser absorption, while about 94% of the NC excitation is due to the interaction with the PF8, and it is due for about 58% to PF8→NC Förster resonant energy transfer (FRET) and for about 37% to reabsorption by the NCs of the PF8 luminescence. The presence of PF8 ASE significantly modifies this scenario by strongly decreasing the FRET importance and strongly …
American Chemical Society
Publication date: 
19 Jan 2010

M Anni, E Alemanno, A Cretí, C Ingrosso, A Panniello, M Striccoli, ML Curri, M Lomascolo

Biblio References: 
Volume: 114 Issue: 5 Pages: 2086-2090
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A